We Need a People's Bailout

Poor and working class people should not suffer due to the greed and neglect of powerful interests during the COVID-19 pandemic.

香蕉视频app官网iosUnfortunately, public officials propped up Wall Street and corporations first. The meager support for working class people is running out while the Senate does nothing.

We need a People’s Bailout NOW.

Groundbreaking Rural and Small-Town Organizing

Relief, Recovery, and Reimagination

The COVID-19 crisis makes it clear that our economic and political systems don’t take care of anyone but big corporations and the wealthy few–and that's just as true in rural America as it is in big cities.

As the organization running the largest progressive organizing project in the country, People's Action just released its vision for Relief, Recovery, and Reimagination for rural communities and small towns.

Canvassing That Works

People’s Action recently announced the dramatic results of an organizing experiment in small-town America, revealing that a new “deep canvassing” model can effectively counter the right’s use of strategic racism.

People's Action and the Movement for Black Lives


People’s Action Endorses the Demands of M4BL

“People’s Action members believe that Black lives matter, and we are tired of police and public officials treating them like they are disposable. This vote by our directors puts us fully behind the Movement for Black Lives’ demands, including the demand to defund the police and invest in Black communities."

Read the full statement.


We are a national network of state & local grassroots power-building organizations united in fighting for justice.

41 organizations
28 states
1 network

Our North Star
is our shared vision
for a just future

It's Time to Rise Up

Election Day is November 3–less than 100 days away.

Our Movement Politics program is stronger than ever.  Since 2016, People’s Action has helped elect over 350 people. You have the power to tip the balance of power in cities, states, and across the country. 

Join us as we launch Rise Up 2020香蕉视频app官网ios, our huge nationwide GOTV effort.

Then, find out how you can volunteer now, wherever you are, to join our weekly text banks and phone banks to win in November.

The Next Move: A People's Action Podcast

In The Next Move香蕉视频app官网ios, we’re talking about building the future we want out of this moment of darkness. Our host, George Goehl, is one of the nation’s leading progressive organizers. Since COVID-19 hit, George found there was no shortage of people who could tell him just how screwed we are. But he wanted to talk with people focused on solutions and action.

香蕉视频app官网iosAcross the eight-episode series, George Goehl will interview eight experts on transforming our social contract to build the future we want. This podcast will describe the society we want to build out of the wreckage–and map out how we’ll build it together.





Protect, Repair, Invest, Transform

We are at a critical moment to make a down payment on a Regenerative Economy, while laying the groundwork for preventing future crises.

A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy offers community groups, policy advocates, and policymakers a pathway to solutions that work for frontline communities and workers.